No Happy Nonsense


me at 2am after re-organizing all my books: okay, okay, you have 500 books and over half still need to be read. no more buying books until you only have ~50 unread.

me the next morning after seeing bookshop has a sale: loooooooooool


this drought is making me thirsty


i can't stop eating donuts


i got a new(ish) smart phone, and actually signed up for a plan for it. first time in about 2.5 years i've had that kind of set up. it makes going for spontaneous walks/runs a lot easier, as well as being able to just pop on any old podcast or song i feel like, instead of the pre-planning i needed to do previously with downloading things and uploading them to my mp3 player.

it lets me live a bit more spontaneously, even though i still don't do much besides read and go outside.

new ear rat slinking through the webworks, though still tbd. more info soon.

6 months to write a book review, what a joke. an invisible brick wall, feh.

weird-word continues onward, approaching issue 100. nearly 2 years of weekly posts. was it worth it? hard to say.


so after trying to aggressively "get into" mastodon/the instance i signed up for, i just decided to delete my account and remain off of social media entirely. writtte it is.


so i've been on twitter for about 2 or 2.5 months now. aside from finding some cool indie authors/poets to buy books from, it's mostly just a never ending ocean of noise and nonsense. i tried to follow accounts of people i was interested in and suit the experience to what i was looking for, but the algorithm just keeps shoving stuff at you. relentless.

all the musk shit obviously doesn't make it any more appealing, either.

so, I've joined the fediverse, or whatever. mastodon. it's a lot slower, and hopefully not as brain-meltingly-loud. you can find me here: @mikev

In other news, I've basically been only eating candy, donuts, and chips for the past two weeks. It feels...bad. Very bad.


about a month and a half ago i made a twitter account to better follow an ultra marathon race i was interested in.

as the saying goes, "the rest was a slow and steady spiral into the algorithmically-crafted hell spiral of the worst social media site that exists."

i guess i'll have to change the little about me on here


i just want to walk around cities and try out their coffee shops


new death cab album


i can hear them in the walls, in the floors, in the ceilings


all week i've felt like i'm chasing a to-do list around, barely getting anything done on it. i'm still getting things done, but it feels like i'm moving through mud the whole time.

new ear rat mag releases in 2 days. (it might be very late on saturday night just fyi)


This issue looks interesting...

Amazing fact: Mel Brooks slices his bagels in threes. Is this a thing? Do people do this? I'm trying it asap.

"I was in charge of bagels. They liked the way I cut them into three thin slices instead of two thick ones and toasted them to perfection."
- Mel Brooks
All About Me!, pg. 410


Have fun out there, bring a hat and snacks!


Dumb and exciting thing: after about a year and a half without it, I have resurrected the random quote generator. The little running xuxxy brain man had to get resized (and locked in place) but it was a noble and worthwhile sacrifice.

If you have a quote you want added to the big ol' list of possible random quotes to pull, figure out a way to get it in front of my eyeballs.

Thanks again to Rios for writing this code for me.


Has it really been over a month since I updated anything? Yes. Yes it has.

More content coming soon, including things I owe for other sites, and things other people made that I had little/nothing to do with.


Hey, look. This is slightly new.


Haven't been doing much creative work lately. Work moved me to a new project. Family things. House things. Running.

I owe a way better website than this one a book review, and I owe a bunch of y'all a magazine. It's coming, it's just slow.


If it's stupid and it works, it's stupid...and it works.


Everything's coming together. Now to actually create some things.


Ear Rat is still in the works, never fear. You can call the exterminator but you can't really kill all the little ear micey.

I've put together so much flat-pack furniture lately that I've started to appreciate the relative high-quality of Ikea vs unknown overseas sellers. It's subtle but you definitely start to notice it. I've also never had a problem with any Ikea furniture I've bought and used in terms of functionality or durability; I usually grow to hate the obnoxious orange colored thing I buy because at the time I thought it would work with the rest of the decor in my home, but I don't have any actual decor sense because I'm basically just a monkey with access to coffee. So now I just have this out of place orange desk and it looks horrible.

Still holds up fine, though.


I haven't been running as much as I'd like, it's hard over here. Way more ascent per mile than in the flat suburbs a few counties over, where I used to live.

House is slowly taking form. It's been hard to have the time/energy to make small fixes and put together furniture etc. Work has been a pain in the arse.

Stepping outside now to do some yard work. I'm an adult now. Shit sucks.


I finally went for a run again today after roughly two weeks off from the move and packing and yadda whatever.

My new route is littered with hills, and I hit the streets at entirely too fast of a pace from all my pent up running energy. Somewhere at the 2 mile mark, as I was cresting over a steep hill that felt tall enough to roll down, I felt my lungs surrender to the pain and I just started moaning and saying "fuck" to myself over and over.

Barely squeezed out 2.5 miles. Could barely breathe near the end. Felt great. Can't wait to get stronger from all these hills.


why do people buy houses? it's just like having to do chores, but forever.


safe access to abortion is a universal female right and should never be restricted. the right to safe and legal abortion prevented me and my partner at the time from being unprepared 22 year old parents with no savings and no careers all because a contraceptive device malfunctioned.

i fucking hate this country sometimes.


lol emusk bought twitter for like 40 billion? bro i made my own version for free in twenty minutes. dumb.


life has been hectic lately, which is the state i least enjoy for my existence. packing endlessly, throwing away/donating things we never use, trying to keep up my running & reading & writing, failing spectacularly at reading the ear rat subs, working a gig with lots of things going on, and whatever else i've been up to lately. it sucks/is fun.

ear rat coming soonish (soon being relative compared to, say, when the dinosaurs were last on earth.) me updating this site more often also coming soon (soon again is very relative here.) miss you guys, hugs and kisses, etc.


running is funning


recycled some previously used things to make this nifty little microfeed thing. now i have a place to post all my reactionary hot takes without supporting a giant tech company, WE ALL WIN NOW!